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Artist Statement

I had always been fond of Wassily Kandinsky's view that there are no "musts" in art "Art is Free" , and I took this to mean that art is simply ones approach to expressing what visions lie within in anyway they find able to do so, and to tell their own story, express their own feelings.

In my approach to art, it is achieved through experimentation, play, or a desire for looking and studying our environment as well as our inner psyche. Painting for me is as natural as breathing. The subject of a painting is as it appears, but the art form takes shape by what we bring to it. Mistakes are opportunities and the experience of creation teaches us more than any academic lesson. Wonderful and exciting changes occur from the original vision to the final product. The canvas is my stage for free expression.

Enjoying the garden and the beauty of nature, it is my worldly inspiration,where every color and texture can be found everyday at any time. Flowers are my muse and my most favorite subject.

Being an avid nature lover, I am careful to use environmentally safe products, and plan all my projects in order to not waste materials.

In my work I particularly love texture, and have created many of my own stencil patterns to add texture and shape to the color forms. My forms have body and rise from the canvas. My work is a process of taking what I perceive of the world and sharing it with gratitude and balance.

Life is discovering that there are infinite possibilities, art is the sharing of those discoveries.